Derivative Advisors is focused on providing independent unbiased valuations for loans and derivative instruments.
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Daily Mark-to-Market Derivative Valuations

Derivative Advisors provides daily mid-market valuations for swaps and other derivatives. These values can be used to meet FASB Statement 133 and GASB standards, identify trends, and spot potential opportunities or risks.
Calculating Cash Flows

Derivative Advisors independently calculates swap cash flows each time a payment is to be exchanged. Clients are able to check the accuracy of the counterparty’s calculations, resolve payment disputes if they occur, and forecast upcoming payments.
FAS 133 Hedge Accounting

Derivative Advisors performs all of the required hedge effectiveness tests (Methods 1, 2 and 3) per FAS 133. Clients can use the information provided for journal entries in financial statements.
Valuation Attestation Letters

Derivative Advisors provides both clients and their auditors with signed valuation attestation letters on key quarterly or annual reporting dates.
Convenient Access

Derivative Advisors understands the importance of receiving prompt, accessible and accurate information concerning outstanding swaps. Clients receive easy access to derivative valuations through the website, direct telephone support from our operations team, e-mail or paper monthly statements, and written reports upon request.
Centralized Derivative Database

Derivative Advisors provides one-click web access to primary transaction parameters of the swap confirmation for every swap in your portfolio. Clients can analyze individual swaps or the total portfolio by creating customized reports to help understand termination values and derivative volatilities.
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